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Will health insurance companies succeed where the GOP couldn’t—in killing Obamacare?

As Aetna and Humana bail on the Affordable Care Act, it’s private profit vs public need. Guess which wins out?

Congressional Republicans have tried in vain over the years to repeal or overturn all or part of the Affordable Care Act — President Barack Obama’s keystone legislation that has given more than 20 million Americans health insurance coverage in the world’s costliest health care market — since it was signed into law in 2010. But where GOP has failed time and again, private insurers may be succeeding.

In the past two days, Aetna and Humana, two of the country’s five largest health insurers (they’re currently involved in merger negotiations), have announced they’re pulling out of Obamacare’s public insurance exchanges — a key component of the legislation aimed at reeling in costs to Americans not covered by employer policies or otherwise unable to afford premiums and other expenses.

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